Hi there!

Have you ever wanted to enter the cookbook publishing market but not known how?

Or have you followed training and tricks from other Internet marketers or publishing gurus but your books are buried deep in Amazon?

Do you still think you can crack this market where others seem to be raking in profits but the only dough you’re rolling in is cookie dough?

Know anyone (you?) who wants to make money consistently, who has tried over and over but never really succeeded?

Or how about someone who has had a taste of success but couldn’t sustain it?

Or someone who has achieved success sporadically but not consistently?

Or someone who has had to support their success with constant advertising, seeing their profits dwindle as the advertising competition heats up?

It's frustrating. I've been there.

But if you’re on this page, I’ve got good news for you today!

I was an inexperienced publisher and a frustrated dieter when I came up with this strategy.

Dieting? What’s dieting got to do with this?

For me, everything! Little did I know when I combined my two problems, I’d come up with a winning solution.

Here’s my story:

After years of struggling to keep my weight down, I found a diet that actually worked for me. But it was very restrictive and hard to follow. I was given a list of diet rules and approved foods and found a couple of books with diet-compliant recipes.

But I needed and wanted more. I wanted someone to tell me exactly what to eat, when to eat it and how to fix it.

About the same time, I’d dipped my big toe in the big, exciting pool of Kindle publishing. I’d published one book which never got past 1,000,000 in sales rank. But I’d learn how to do it.

So I thought: Diet problem + diet solution + self-publishing = why not?

Well, one slight problem is that I wasn’t a recipe writer. So I learned about outsourcing.

I also didn’t know anything about publishing a paperback on CreateSpace. So I found some training and I learned.

Another slight problem was I was clueless about marketing. So I bought many training programs and tried different techniques and I learned.

I published a diet cookbook on both Kindle and CreateSpace that had weekly menus as well as shopping lists, along with the specific recipes for each week. I did this because I knew this is what I needed as a dieter.

And guess what? A lot of others did too!

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Mavis Amouzou-Akue
Mavis Amouzou-Akue A 17-Time Kindle #1 Bestselling Author